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  • Buy physical gold bullion
  • Invest in gold bars or coins
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  • Extremely high purity levels
  • Tax benefits for UK residents

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How to buy physical gold in the UK

Buy Physical Gold

How to get the best prices in the UK

As you're all too aware, asset prices are tumbling across the board. Property values are down and likely to continue their fall with limited mortgage lending. Equity markets remain reflective of the deteriorating global economy, and simply parking cash in a savings account yields near to zero.

The problem is; many of the recognisable asset classes are moving together in the same downward direction. By spreading your risk into a totally unique asset, you are hedging against such falls. This asset is physical gold.

Physical Gold - Expert Buying Service

We offer a broker-only service that allows you to buy physical gold bars and coins direct from dealers at market-leading prices. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

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